We wanted to do what mom would have wanted.

Kathie Warta shares the experience of her family when preparing arrangements for her mother. Her mom suffered from memory loss and was not able to help. The family wished they spent a little bit more time discussing what her mom would have liked before her memory loss occurred. Kathie shares with people in similar circumstances that it is important to have some discussions before these decisions need to be made so the family has the peace of mind of knowing for sure that they are truly honoring the wishes of their loved one. Having those discussions when loss is not imminent makes it easier. Every family will face loss at some time. Fulfilling the wishes of a loved one is enormously rewarding to a family. Whether it is knowing apparel choices, songs, readings, remembrances or other elements offuneral planning, the direction to family members from a loved one creates an expression of love in itself that they can carry out. Families want to know they are honoring and celebrating a life in the manner in which it would be most appreciated.


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