“You come home to us, we’ll take good care of you”.

Since 1935 there has been a Gibbons Family Presence in Chicago. Chicago was the welcoming port for so many of the Irish Families who came to America. When Grandpa Gibbons established the first location on the west side of Chicago, there was no doubt that the Gibbons Family would be comforting families for generations to come. The same feeling and pride for the city that was now home to generations of families and millions of immigrants is felt today at Gibbons Family Funeral Home.

Tom and Rita Gibbons were the second generation, raising their family for a time above the funeral home at 5917 W. Irving Park Road. Today Michael and Kerry Gibbons are the 3rd Generation of the family to welcome your family when you need our assistance. The family remains very active and connected to the families in the community, the parishes, the clubs and the neighborhoods. And when a neighbor passes away, the family comes together at Gibbons Family Funeral Home, where, as Rita promises, “we’ll take good care of you”.

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What would mom really like?

Kathie Warta makes an important case about why Pre-planning might be helpful for families. As a daughter, she felt a tremendous obligation to do everything her mom may have wanted. She had wished her mom had made some very important choices of her own so she could be honored in the most appropriate way possible. 

Gibbons Family Funeral Home makes this process available and as simple as possible for families. Getting everything down on paper is a huge help to loved ones who are tasked with making very important decisions, often during an emotionally difficult time. “Removing the doubt is a big help,” says Michael Gibbons, adding, “you can see and feel the relief of families when they have the direction their loved one created”. An option to pre-pay through a separate, independent financial instrument is available. This policy is transferable if locations or circumstances change. Financial Planning professionals have been adding this for several years now to act as an inflation hedge against rising costs. 

Gibbons Family Funeral Home is here 24/7/365 to serve you for Pre-Planning, At-Need, or simply answer any questions you have, with no obligation. 

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Gibbons Famiily Funeral Home – Chicago

Gibbons Family Funeral Home – 70 years of tradition honoring our families at Old St. Pat’s. 

When Thomas and Anne Gibbons began serving the families of Chicago with the opening of the first Gibbons Funeral Home, they began a tradition of monthly memorial masses at Old St. Pat’s that now celebrates over 70 years of tradition. Every month, a mass is celebrated remembering all of the families and loved ones who passed away during that month. A month prior families receive a letter of notice to remind them of the mass of remembrance for the upcoming month of the anniversary of their loved one’s passing. Over the years, many families have come to know one another as they have celebrated together. Many families celebrate during several months of the year as the Gibbons Family has provided services for them for generations of their families.

Michael Gibbons of Gibbon’s Family Funeral Home states, “I’m so proud of the tradition started by our grandparents and continuing today. It is a privilege for our family to be trusted into our third generation serving generations of people throughout the Chicago area”. Additionally Michael says “It’s nice to see people at St.Pat’s where we’re celebrating together happy memories”.  Added Rev. Fr. Karl Langsdorf who often is the celebrant at the family masses, “Tommy and Ann Gibbons are smilin’ down on their kids and grandkids for continuing this wonderful tradition they started. I’m sure they’re so proud”.

For any questions regarding our Monthly Mass of remembrance or more information on Pre-arrangements or At-Need services, we are available 24 hours a day at Gibbons Family Funeral Home 773-777-3944 or visit www.gffh.com

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